Immersed in the pristine sea, surrounded by splendid beaches and characteristic faraglioni, with its spectacular Mediterranean-style buildings and its lush reliefs, the island of Ponza represents the ideal destination for a magical holiday.

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Prehistoric man knew this sea, frequented it coming from Circeo, looking for Palmarola obsidian.

The Phoenicians knew it, the Greeks who, after discovering Pithecusa (Ischia), moved further west and came across Ventotene and Ponza, leaving traces of a more intuitive than documented, but safe presence. After them these waters were crossed by another people, the Aurunci, mysterious in origin as well as concrete in the testimonies it left.

These were supplanted by the Romans, who bring contrasting expressions to the islands: the joy of living (the villas) and technical organization (the aqueducts), but also the grayness of the confinement, created for the golden nobility, the one that allowed infidelity and daring relationships , special friendships and risky enmities.

Holidays and anniversaries

Last Sunday in February
San Silverio (for all fishermen leaving for distant seas)

Casatiello festival, broad beans and local wine

March 18/19
San Giuseppe Feast with Zeppole Festival

May 23
Bagnarole race

19/20 June
Feast of San Silverio and traditional games

6/9 July
Sailing event between the Ponziane islands

July 21
Feast of the Madonna della Civita watermelon festival

19/20 August
Beach tournaments

15/16 August
Feast of the Madonna Assunta and blue fish festival

December 8
Feast of the Immaculate Conception